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CNC thread machine at work
CNC precision pipe threading custom water well pipe threading

CNC Precision Cut Threads

L.B. Foster Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machining center produces precision-cut pipe threads that ensure easy makeup for tight sound pipe joints. When you need customized threading, think of L.B. Foster. Our Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machining centers produce high quality, consistent, dimensionally accurate products. L.B. Foster can provide cutting, threading and fabrication services for customer provided material, in sizes from 4.5” to 14” diameter, for lengths up to 40ft, longer lengths upon request.

Pipe Threading Equipment and Fabrication Capabilities

  • roll cutting for light wall pipes as well as bandsaw cutting for heavy walled and high strength pipes, in excess of 14” diameter and 1” wall thickness, for mild structural grades as well as high strength steel tubulars
  • threading of micropile casing from 4.5” through 14” diameter, with max. thread lengths of 5”
  • various CNC thread patterns, including 4TPI micropile threads, rope threads, F480, as well as client provided custom thread patterns, thread matching services available
  • welding / installation of micropile cutting tools, i.e. J-teeth, tri-cones, dragbits
  • full length drifting

Pipe Thread Types (available on pipe sizes 2” thru 14”)

  • Straight thread
  • 8V taper
  • 8 round
  • Buttress
  • F480 - flush joint
  • Rope thread
  • Vic grove



Please click here to view the entire Threaded Products Plant Tour on the L.B. Foster YouTube Channel.